Search for our founders

Date: 25 September 2018

With the sesquicentennial anniversary celebrations of the club’s founding approaching we are hoping to find if there are any family connections to our Founders in the local or wider area.

If any of the names below (some of whom may be pictured above) do stir any memories then please do get in touch with the club. All of the names are mentioned in documents dating back to 1869. Those who do not have ages listed were aged 16-18 at the time.

Frederick Campbell Hulton aged 28, Harold Parker, Alan Chambre Dickson aged 16, George Herbert Dickson aged 18, W.J. Dickson, Charles Threlfall aged 17
W.C. Breakhill, F.W. Catterall, J. Croft, Alfred E. Ascroft 20, Lawrence Spencer, J. Lawrence Beesley, F Beesley, John Henry Threlfall, F. Bamber, G.Threlfall, George Paley, & E. Swainson.

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