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Hoppers Community Lottery

It is now even easier to join the Preston Grasshoppers Community Lottery. We have teamed up with First Capital Cashflow to introduce a new direct debit system which can be signed up to online.

All funds raised will continue to be utilised on refurbishing and maintenance of both internal and external facilities at Preston Grasshoppers.

Membership* of the Hoppers Community Lottery can be made through the purchase of 50p a week units via Sean Jackson who will be in the club house most match days. Alternatively you can pay by monthly Direct Debit.  The minimum purchase is a two units by direct debit; however additional units – increasing the chances of winning a prize –  can be obtained in multiples of 50p weekly units.

Monthly equivalent direct debit payments

2 units a week at £1 = £4.33 a month direct debit.

3 units a week at £1.50 = £6.50 a month etc

50% of the weekly income is returned in prize money and .distributed in prizes and so if we sell £100 worth of for example, the prize fund would be £50 that week:

The Draw is made weekly in the club house. The results are displayed on the main notice board and website.

The more members taking part, means more prizes for all and greater benefit for the Club.  Please join us.

Simply click here and fill out the online direct debit form it’s that easy!