Under 10s in Fylde derby

Date: 23 December 2014

Playing Fylde is always a challenge for a Hopper….

The U10s really rose to the challenge last Sunday – 4 games were played and we won 3 of them.

Great tackling, great running, superb recycling of the ball – all in all the best performance by the U10s yet – well done!

Best tackle of the morning – Connor Kyriakou – text book stuff, Charlie Read – tackle, straight back up and tackle again, Aiden Hayward – running in all directions, Leon King – driving over like a bull-dozer, Thomas Pritchard – tackling the biggest player on the pitch, it goes on… Charlie Lochead – running and tackling like a demon, Jack Lightowler, George Edwards, Freddie Jones, Harry Jones all brilliant… well done!

Gabriel Fowler – player of the week – well done Gabriel truly deserved.
Looks like the second half of the season will be a good one.

Happy Christmas to all the U10s – have a great break and don’t forget – PENCIL!!!!

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