Hoppers bolster their Off Field support – Part 1

Date: 09 August 2021

It is not only on the field where the club has made some key appointments. Off the field too sees some new faces join the ranks. After a number of years in the role, Mark Taylor has departed from the Head Physio role and he goes with our thanks and best wishes after many years of valued service.

As a replacement for Mark, the club have appointed Lucy Gray as their new Head Physio for the upcoming season. Lucy brings a wealth of experience into the role having been involved with a number of sporting teams in recent years. Lucy has also been part of the Hoppers Ladies squad and has developed a reputation as a safe pair of hands both on and off the pitch.

Lucy Gray

“I’m very happy to have appointed Lucy to the role. Lucy understands the team environment and the rugby player mentality. Most are grumpy when injured and can be very head strong but I have no doubt Lucy will be more than able to manage the squad when injuries happen. That Lucy can hit the ground running is important as given the length of time we’ve been unable to play for, there is likely to be a range of issues as the players get back into action and their bodies become attuned to being back on the pitch”.

Speaking on taking the role Lucy said “I am very excited to take the role and get the season started. The club has made lots of improvements over lockdown to its facilities and we have a great set up to work in. The players have given me a warm welcome since starting in the role and those needing my input have taken on board the work, we are giving them. I’m really happy to be working at a club I already love having been part of the Ladies Team for three years”.

Lucy will also be offering treatment via the club’s sports injury clinic. Details of this exciting development will be announced in due course. But if you want to contact Lucy to discuss employing her services then please contact her at lucyrgray96@outlook.com

 Good Luck Lucy!

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