RFU Statement on Concussion

Date: 25 September 2015

RFU guidance on player safety: a statement by the RFU, 21st September 2015

As you may have seen, the BBC broadcast an edition of Panorama on Monday, 21st September which discussed concussion in rugby. World Rugby Chief Medical Officer Dr Martin Raftery has been interviewed by The programme and spoke about the potential for law changes. For context this is what he has said:

“Player welfare is about identifying what the risk is and then bringing about change.

“There’s no doubt that the biggest area that we know where concussion is going to occur is in the tackle, so that will help us to look at the tackle and see what we can do to make it safer.

“My job is to identify risk and then look for solutions and then present those solutions to the law-makers to make the changes that will bring about protection of the athlete.”

There is no suggestion that there will definitely be law changes or what those changes could be. If asked, we should reflect the above quotes.

From an RFU perspective any potential changes to the laws of the game is a matter for World Rugby and their concussion experts. We trust their judgement and understand that player welfare is at the centre of the current law review cycle (which takes place every four years).

Player safety at the heart: Resources to download and share

RugbySafe: At the RFU, player safety is at the heart of everything we do. RugbySafe is an overarching brand that encapsulates all the RFU’s player safety and wellbeing projects to support clubs, schools, colleges, universities and participants at all levels of the game. Within this there is a wide variety of activities, including RugbyReady and RugbySmart.

We have recently produced a RugbySafe Booklet to articulate our commitment in this area which will be circulated to stakeholders in the game over the coming weeks.

Headcase:. Our established concussion awareness programme is HEADCASE. Within this there is an online concussion module that we encourage all players, coaches and match officials within the community game to complete. Find out more at englandrugby.com/headcase.

Rugby Is Good For You: You may also have seen the Rugby Is Good For You materials created to support participation in our sport. These are simple and visual tools to communicate the many benefits of rugby. The PDF is attached below if you wish to share.

Rugby is good for you_POSTER

For more background information on concussion please go to www.EnglandRugby.com/concussion.

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