Andrew Donovan

Name: Andrew Donovan
Nickname: Garth started calling me Donny which seems to have caught on a bit; I prefer The Boss
Position: Coaching Support
DOB: A long time ago – 16/07/56
Height: About 5’10” depending if I am crouching
Weight: To much according to my Doctor
Previous Clubs: Brinscall Cricket Club and Cardiff RFC
Honours: None at rugby
Favourite Rugby Moment: Any of the Wales Grand Slams
Rugby Idol: None in particular but Gareth Owen Edwards was a bit special.
Favourite Rugby Ground: What is now called The Principality Stadium in Cardiff, closely followed by Lightfoot Green
Favourite Drink: Any
Favourite Food: Italian
Funniest Team Mate: Nobody will know him but Joe Rae at Brinscall was hilarious, particularly when I ran into him in Torremolinos