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Code of Conduct


January 2019


This Code of Conduct applies to everybody representing PGRFC in the following ways:

  • When on PGRFC premises
  • When supporting any PGRFC team at any game
  • When wearing branded clothing that links you with PGRFC wherever you may be
  • When representing PGRFC whether it be as a player, coach or official
  • When representing PGRFC at functions e.g. on tour or fundraising events
  • When using social media and commenting on PGRFC, other teams/clubs or rugby in general.

It is very important for everybody to be aware that young people are frequently present at rugby clubs and to speak and behave in an appropriate manner that does not cause distress to the young person and/or their parents/guardians. 

The Club will not accept behaviour (whether it be physical, in writing or verbal) that is unacceptable to any other customer/visitor or member of staff. The Club will take appropriate action if there are instances of this nature. 


The use of media such as newspapers and radio, and the ever increasing use of social media such as  Facebook, Twitter and blogs offers tremendous opportunities for the club and rugby to communicate and engage with a growing interested audience as well as existing players, members and supporters.


  • These are public forums and must be treated as such i.e. they are public
  • Individuals and organisations are strictly responsible for any posting, including re-posting
  • Do not use abusive, derogatory, vulgar or sexual language
  • Be respectful of clubs, players, supporters and officials
  • Do not criticise, or imply bias in, match officials.

The club’s Management Committee will monitor all forms of media and will initiate action (e.g. instructing the closure of an account) if it considers this to appropriate. The Management Committee may also initiate disciplinary action against individuals in line with the Club’s Policy.


All players are expected to play the game in such as way as to minimise the risk of injury to themselves or other players and with respect to all match officials; players are specifically expected not to show dissent to the referee for any decision made.

In the event of a player receiving a card during a game, the player is expected to accept the decision with no dissent. He/she should not behave in any way that could inflame a situation.

After the game, the player is expected to apologise as appropriate to the referee, other match official and opposing player(s). In the event of a red card the player should write a statement detailing the circumstance of the red card which may then be used by the Club or other Disciplinary Body in deciding what, if any, further action is appropriate.

The player is responsible for any costs incurred by the Club for a Disciplinary Hearing.


 Everybody covered by this Code of Practice MUST:

  • Ensure the game is played and conducted in a disciplined, respectful and sporting way
  • Ensure the spirit of the Laws of the Game is upheld
  • NOT breach the Laws of the Game or of this Code of Conduct
  • Observe and accept the authority of all match officials and disciplinary bodies
  • NOT publish any criticism of any match official or disciplinary body or their decisions
  • Conduct themselves, on or off the pitch, in a respectful, sporting and unbiased way that does not cause offence to any other individual
  • NOT abuse, threaten, harass or intimidate anybody else, whether this be a player, match official or spectator
  • NOT use crude or abusive language or gestures towards players, match officials or spectators
  • NOT do anything that may offend, intimidate, insult, discriminate against or humiliate anyone else on the grounds of their sexuality, religion, race, colour, nationality or ethnic origin
  • Abide by the RFU’s Doping By-Laws and not take recreational or performance enhancing drugs
  • Promote the reputation of the game of Rugby Union and take all possible steps to prevent the game being brought into disrepute
  • Promote the reputation of PGRFC and support the club, the Club’s commercial partners, the Club’s staff, Management Committee and other constituent groups within the club.


The Management Committee is responsible for initiating an investigation into any potential breach of this Code of Conduct which may result in disciplinary action being taken against one or more individuals in accordance with the Club’s Disciplinary Policy.