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The Terrace Bar @ Hoppers

Our pop-up pub is back, and because we hope social distancing will be a thing of the past, we have renamed it The Terrace Bar @ Hoppers. We’d like to welcome everyone from the local community to come and enjoy food and drinks with their household or small group of friends – within government social distancing guidelines of course!


We’ve made the venue as safe as possible for all visitors and staff. Everything we do will comply with the Covid-19 Secure government guidelines.
  • Tables will be available both inside and outside the main clubhouse (outside only between April 12th and May 16th.
  • Reservations are recommended to guarantee a table, particularly on Friday, Saturday and Sunday  – even if you’re only visiting for drinks. 
We’re doing this because it gives us a detailed record of all visitors should there be a need to track and trace. It also ensures we don’t overcrowd giving customers the necessary safe space to enjoy their visit.
  1. From April 12th to May 16th – For a household group or for a mixture of people from more than two households – observing social distancing protocols, you can book a table for a maximum of 6 people, but this will be for outdoors only.
  2. From May 17th to June 20th – the above applies but indoor tables will also be available.
Our initial opening times and offer will be

Monday 4 – 10pm BAR ONLY
Tuesday 4 – 10pm BAR ONLY
Wednesday 4 – 10pm bar + snacks service only
Thursday 4 – 10pm bar + full menu
Friday Noon – 10pm + full menu
Saturday Noon – 10pm + full menu
Sunday 9am – noon café style menu for Mini/Junior training, Noon – 8pm – full Sunday menu 

Booking a table is easy … Just fill in the form below, telephone bookings are not being taken.


Either reserve a table in advance (recommended at Friday afternoon and weekends) or just walk up.
Please come to the front desk and wait to be seated.
Table service will be in operation.

Our staff will take your order at your table and ask for payment.
Your food and drinks order will be brought to your table.
Please abide by the one way systems, social distancing guidelines and wash/sanitise your hands regularly.


Arrive and depart wearing a face mask.
Please remain at the table you are allocated
You won’t be able to pop to the bar or move to another groups’ table. Obviously, you can nip to the loo!
Please wash and sanitise your hands
Particularly on arrival and after visiting the toilets.
Please be respectful of our toilet guidelines.
and leave the toilets for the next guest as you would expect to find them. We will be making regular toilet checks and cleaning.
Please supervise your children at all times.
We know that ensuring kids remain seated is easier said than done and we do have plenty of grounds to play in so, if you’re bringing children with you please make sure they observe social distancing measures.
Be respectful
TheTerrace Bar will be a safe, relaxed, friendly and enjoyable environment for everyone. So we’ll be operating a zero tolerance policy towards flouting our laws or distancing rules. Please respect the staff too who will be working hard in new circumstances to serve you.

Please don’t try and bend the rules, at Terrace Bar because all our visitors are equal.
We reserve the right to refuse admittance or ask a party to leave if we believe they are flouting the Guidelines.