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Ahead of the club reopening on Saturday 4th July we have put together a document which hopefully answers any questions you may have.



What are your opening hours? 

Food and Drink Available
Monday – 12:00 ‘til 10:00pm
Tuesday– 12:00 ‘til 10:00pm
Wednesday– 12:00 ‘til 10:00pm
Thursdays – 12:00 ’til 10:00pm
Fridays– 12:00 ‘til 10:00pm
Saturdays– 12:00 ‘til 10:00pm
Sundays – Food 10:00 ‘til 7:00pm / Bar 12:00 ’til 10:00pm

What is the maximum number of people can be in the ‘pub’ at any one time?  

Our large outdoor patio and indoor function mean we can spread table well apart with only 90 people at the club at one time.

Can I come with people from outside my household? 

There are two groupings we can welcome. Group A, a household group who under government guidelines, are allowed to sit together without social distancing. These groups can be seated either indoors or outdoors.  Group B is a group of between 2 and 6 people who need to social distance at 1m + apart.  These tables are outdoor only but inc ase of rain we do have gazebos. You will not be allowed indoors apart from to use the toilets  

What happens if there are more than 6 people in our group?

Unfortunately, we can’t accomodate you. We must follow the guidelines laid out by the government.

How long can we stay at the club?  

Your maximum booking length is 3 hours, but if we dont have a booking following yours you are welcome to stay.

How do I book a table? 

There is no need to book ahead but if you want to be guaranteed a table upon arrival we are taking online bookings  here 

What about face coverings?

You must wear a face covering while moving around but can take them off when sat at your table to eat and drink.

Do I need to be a member to book? 

No, you don’t need to be a member. We welcome everyone from the local community. 

Can we come to the club and book on the door?  

Yes, if we have room we can let you in. To be sure of entry it is best to book ahead.

What food and drink will you be offering? 

We will have a range of beers, wines, spirits, soft drinks and hot drinks. 

We will also be offering an exciting new menu with a range of snacks and meals  

How do I order and pay for food and drink? 

Choose your food and drink from the menus, go to the order point in the main bar, place and pay for your order, collect your drinks and your food will be brought to your table.

Can I use my membership discount card? 

yes membership cards can be used for discount. The card needs to be pre-loaded with money to activate the discount.

How will table service work? 

Your food and drink order will be brought to your table.

Can I bring children? 

Yes, families are welcome under the normal licensing laws. (No alcohol will be sold for consumption by under 18’s) 

Is there a space for children to play in? (Will the playground be open?) 

At this stage we’re not opening our playground to maintain social distancing measure. If youre bringing children with you, we ask you that you ensure they observe social distancing measures. 

Can I bring my dog? 

You can bring your dog, but it must be on a lead at all times and not go in the clubhouse. Guide Dogs excepted.

How will social distancing work? 

Tables of 6 will be in excess of 2m apart, allowing for room between groups and for people to come and go safely. We have plenty of room at the club and have deliberately restricted numbers to make this a safe environment for you. 

Are there hand sanitisers available? 

Yes, there will be hand sanitisers available throughout the building.  

Will the area be cleaned between bookings? 

Yes, we are allowing time between booking slots to ensure that our staff can fully clean down all areas, refresh hand sanitisers, wash serving equipment etc. 

What is the seating 

We are using picnic benches and additional chairs at each end which seat up to 6 people, you may wish to bring your own cushions for your personal comfort. 

What if it rains? 

We do have a few Coleman shelters we can put over the benches but they do need to be taken down in case of high winds.

Will there be toilets? 

Yes. Access to men’s & women’s toilets will be in different parts of the building. We will be putting in place measures to ensure social distancing is maintained in these facilities and will provide hand sanitizer for customers to use. Toilets will be checked and cleaned every half hour as a minimum and thoroughly cleaned prior to opening and between each shift. 

Is there parking? 

Yes there is ample parking, please use the rear car park 

How do we access the venue? 

Please drive past the club and use the rear car park entrance to the club. The front car park and front door will not be open. 

If I come on my bike, is there somewhere I can safely & securely leave it / lock it up? 

There are railings at the club within site of the patio for you to lock bikes to. 

Will you be showing sport (football / rugby / cricket) on a big screen? 

We will be able to show live sport inside the club, just be aware of your reservation time compared to the match!