Date: 05 March 2018

We are now just over 12 months away from the beginning of our sesquicentennial season and whilst planning meetings have been taking place for over twelve months now, we are at a stage where more volunteers are required to enable our planned events to take place.

We have an international rugby tournament planned which will include teams from Preston Cities Twin Towns together with Dendermonde, and it’s hoped local clubs of a similar age to ourselves will be involved and, along with this, to kick off the celebratory season, we hope to hold a Special Dinner at which Hoppers of International recognition are being invited.

Another event to be held during 2019 & 2020 is a Sportive Weekend during which all sections of the Preston Grasshoppers Club will hold events combined with a Family Fun Weekend where we hope the local community will also attend and see what the club has to offer.

Many more activities are planned, far more than can be highlighted here. BUT none of these will take place if we don’t get members of the Preston Grasshoppers Family to volunteer their help.

Some people have already put their hands up to organise particular events. So, please come along to the next meeting on Tuesday the 13th of March, 7pm in the Leigh Gallery and join the team. You can either choose an event and lead a team or simply join a group.

Remember, it won’t happen without your help!

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