1869 Club AGM

Date: 23 July 2014

The 27th AGM of the ‘1869’ Club (Hoppers Supporters) is being held on Monday 4th Aug 2014, at 7.30 pm in the Simons Lounge. All supporters of Preston Grasshoppers will be made very welcome!

The ‘1869’ Club donated £1500 towards the purchase of the new Hoppers tractor and equipment last season and recently a further £1000 for the refurbishment of the Club Gym.
I am sure all will agree this is money well spent. If you think you might like to join us and help support Hoppers or know of anyone who might be interested, please contact the secretary, Les Harrison on 863774, dawn.lh@btinternet.com or why not come to the AGM.

If anyone has apologies, nominations for the Committe or items for the agenda, please also contact the secretary.

We look forward to seeing you!

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