2015 QBE International Tickets

Date: 23 March 2015

The club has now received its allocation of tickets for the 2015 World Cup warm up games at Twickenham listed below.

Saturday 15th August England v France, Kick Off 8.00pm

Saturday 5th September England v Ireland, Kick Off 8.00pm

Applications for tickets are now invited from all club members. Applications should be received by 23rd April 2015 together with full payment. In the event of over subscription Vice Presidents receive priority as per the club rules.

We can apply for as many tickets as we want for Category 1, 2 and 3 tickets for each game and tickets are half price for 15yrs and under. There is a limited allocation to the club of Premium and Category 4 tickets. Members will be informed of their allocation by 15th May (apart from the away game) so travel plans can be made and any refunds can be paid.

Tickets will be available for collection from the club office when they are received from the RFU which is usually 2 weeks prior to the match.

A limited number of Car Parking tickets are available; please ask the office for more details.

You are reminded that:
• All tickets ordered and supplied are subject to the RFU ticket terms and conditions, a copy of which is available on request from the Club Secretary.
• Tickets are for Members personal use and can only be used by the member together with their family, friend or colleague. Don’t be tempted to dispose of spare tickets on the day of the match, even “Genuine Fans”! These tickets are NOT sold on a sale or return basis.
• In particular, no member may sell or dispose of their tickets to anyone if they are not required for the member’s personal use, they should be returned to the Club Secretary.
• If you are allocated two or more tickets, the Club may want to know who will be accompanying you or who accompanied you to the game and request back the tickets after the game. Keep hold of your tickets for at least a month after the match.
• If any of the Clubs tickets are discovered on the black market, the RFU may sanction the club which may lead to a loss of allocation. The culprits will subject to disciplinary action from Preston Grasshoppers.
• If you have any query as to what you are entitled to do with the tickets issued to you, please contact Graham Cox, Hon. Secretary through the office.
• You will be asked to sign your application form which confirms your agreement to comply with all the RFU ticketing restrictions and that the tickets are for your personal use.

Order forms are available from the office or can be downloaded and printed using the link below. They should be returned with full payment for all tickets applied for by the due date.

2015 QBE Internationals Tickets Order Form

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