2nd XV at Chester

Date: 26 September 2013

Those in the know say that a week is a long time in politics. Well as far as John Young is concerned the last seven days have been an eternity in the life of his second team. Last Thursday’s famine has turned into a feast and he is able to take a strong and powerful squad down to Chester.

Training has been fierce this week following last Saturday’s struggles whilst numbers have been boosted by some impressive looking newcomers and some fit again members of the senior squad. Hoppers will be seeking their fourth straight win and hope that they maintain their early position as Bateman Premier League leaders.

Mawdsley, Tuff, Webster, Doney, Taylor, Birchall and Elliott all return to Young’s squad whilst Madden and Perry earn promotion to Mike Lough’s first team squad. Rendezvous at Lightfoot Lane is 12noon in readiness for a 3pm kick off at Chester. The full squad is as follows:

Mawdsley, Tuff, McGuiness, Banks, Proctor, Doney, Webster, Taylor, Moulding, Murray, Rhodes-Powers, Farley, Birchall, Elliot, Marshall, Mabaya, Flynn, Reddick


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