2nd XV begin campaign at Chester

Date: 05 September 2014

The Second XV begin another Bateman Premier League campaign with a tough away fixture against Chester. Fixtures between the two sides have generally been combative and high scoring in the last few seasons so Saturday’s fixture is likely to be an entertaining affair.

Young’s men will be looking to wrestle the title away from Sedgley Tigers and are looking forward to getting their campaign underway. Hoppers record over the last three seasons has been exceptional but has not quite reaped the rewards that their results maybe deserve. The format of the league has not favoured the men in blue and white but they will be looking to build momentum between now and January when the twelve match sprint begins.

Young, who is ably assisted by Craig Steel this weekend, selects from a position of strength. The squad is a healthy blend of experience, emerging talent and new faces so all involved shall be anxious to make their mark.

The squad convene at 12.30 at Lightfoot Green or at 1.30 in Chester.

1) McGuinness
2) Wilkinson
3) Mabaya
4) Banks
5) Proctor
6) Farley (C)
7) Clitheroe
8) Walker
9) Moulding
10) Carter
11) Yates
12) Ward
13) Geatches
14) Gargett
15) Woof
16) Rhodes-Powers
17) Wood
18) Murray

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