6th Team Lose at Colne & Nelson

Date: 10 October 2011

Colne & Nelson 29 – Hoppers 6th 12

The 6th team travelled up the hill to Colne and Nelson this week.  On a pitch that would have kept several sheep happy for a month, it was always going to be heavy going.  Hoppers started brightly with a promising attack holding the Colne & Nelson side in their own 22 for the opening period of play.  Despite several phases of play the Colne & Nelson defence held. 

Hoppers then had an early set back when full back Jeff Bellamy pulled up with a strained hamstring (clearly overdone it in the warm up!!!).  A bit of reorganisation put Keith (Dad) Brierley at full back despite concerns over his experience (he’s only in his 52 season with the club!), and Bill Lambert on the wing.  Not the ideal position for a second row.  The forwards kept Hoppers in the game with two well worked tried from No8 Andy Perman either side of the break.

As is always the case Hoppers never give up.  The forwards battled and put in a great performance but suffered with a lack of experience and in the backs.  Some inventive play by Chris Allen (scrum half) and hard tackling from Tom Saint Ruth (centre) did compensate to a degree but the absence of a recognised 10 and a makeshift back three took its toll as the game went on.  A disappointing result in a game that on another day Hoppers would have won.

Final score Colne & Nelson 29 – Hopper 12.

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