6th team struggle in the heat

Date: 02 October 2011

Hopper 6th V Leigh 4th  – 1 October 2011

Anyone still debating whether Rugby Union should be a summer game should have taken the field this weekend.  In sweltering heat it was more like a balmy summer day than the first weekend in October. 

Leigh had a bright start to the game letting their youthful backs do all the running and setting the pace.  The first twenty minutes were quite torrid for the older Hoppers side.  As we moved into the second quarter the Hoppers forwards started to pull things back.  Keeping the game tight and not letting the Leigh backs see the ball ensured a couple of very well worked tries from Dan Weed before the break.

At half time the scores were level.  Preston continued with more of the same into the second half.  With a very dominant scrum and the scores level the game entered the final phase.  Unfortunately the heat (and age) got the better of the Hoppers who were not able to contain the slick play from the Leigh backs.  The flood gates opened and Leigh were able to run in an further twenty eight points without response.

Never mind summer rugby, sixty minute rugby would have suited the Hoppers on this occasion.

Final score Hoppers 24 – Leigh 52

Report provided by Ian Gaskell

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