Adult Male Future Competition Structure

Date: 23 May 2022

The following is taken from the England Rugby website.

We are now able to share the most significant changes in 30 years to the Adult Male Competition Structure. There are new league structures for 2022/2023 as well as the introduction of our exciting new cup competition that will take place at the end of the season.

The positive changes will deliver:
• reduced travel time and distance for the majority
• more localised matches
• new Cup competition to begin in March 2023

These changes have been designed following feedback from clubs and players responding to their needs and changes in society. The changes are intended to reboot and re-energise community rugby, improving player retention and attracting new players to the adult men’s game.

All the information you need to help you prepare for the upcoming season and beyond is below, as well as a reminder of why the changes are being made, which can be found by clicking on the read online button.

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The changes for the 2022/23 season have been summarised in the table below with the key changes for reference below.

  • One league at National 1 (formerly Level 3)
  • Three leagues at National 2 (formerly Level 4)
  • Six leagues at Regional 1(formerly Level 5)
  • Twelve leagues at Regional 2 (formerly Level 6)
  • Eighteen leagues at Counties 1 (formerly Level 7)
  • Twenty four leagues at Counties 2 (formerly Level 8)
  • Thirty seven leagues at Counties 3 – 5 (formerly Level 9 and below)
National 1 14 (down from 16) No
National 2 3 (up from 2) 14 (down from 16) No
Regional 1 6 (up from 4) 12 (down from 14) Yes
Regional 2 12 (up from 8) 12 (down from 14) Yes
Counties 1-5 Minimum 16 ** 10 – 12*** Yes

* All cups to take place post-season with mid-season entry

**Dependent on new entries

***League size flexible depending on the effect of regionalisation and local need

National 2 North

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