AGM 2021

Date: 01 July 2021

It’s approaching that time of the year when the Club has to hold its AGM. You may recall that last year we held a virtual meeting, a first for the club, but which in the circumstances was a success.

This year the meeting is scheduled for Thursday 29th July but it remains unclear how we can hold the meeting until the Government publishes further guidance on meetings and social distancing. From a Club perspective, this is compounded by the use of the Dooley Suite and Simons lounge by the vaccination centre (which also limits the use of the Wiseman Room) whilst refurbishment of the Wainwright Bar is ongoing. This basically leaves us with the Leigh Gallery but the number of people that can use the room is subject to current restrictions.

The preferred option for the AGM is to meet at the club using the Leigh Gallery but we will not know it’s capacity until Boris makes further announcements. In the circumstances, it may be necessary to restrict the numbers attending the meeting with bookings being taken on a first come first served basis. However, it is acknowledged that this may prevent some members from attending. If members are concerned about this option and government guidance does not change in a positive way for the Club, the only alternative is to hold a virtual meeting once again. It is acknowledged that virtual meetings also restrict those members with limited technical abilities.

The formal notice of the AGM needs to be posted 2 weeks before the meeting, so a decision needs to be taken on the format that it will take very soon after Boris’s announcement. It would therefore be very helpful to know whether any members would object to the meeting being held with (potentially) restricted numbers, with attendance being booked on a first come first served basis.

If you have any views on this matter then please contact the Secretary, Graham Cox, on

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