AGM 2022

Date: 21 July 2022

Under the Club’s constitution, there is a requirement to hold an AGM by 31st July each year.

This year it has not been possible to get the club’s accountants to set aside time to approve the accounts in time for a meeting in July and as the Finance report is very important in the content of the AGM, the Management Committee have agreed that the AGM should be delayed. At this stage, we are advised that the accountants should complete their work in the week commencing 8th August but due to the uncertainty of the date it is not possible to give a specific date for the AGM other than to say it is expected to be in late August or early September.

We apologise for the delay in holding the AGM and will advise you of the arrangements for the meeting in due course.

Graham Cox
Honorary Secretary
on behalf of the Management Committee

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