Alex Keay steps down

Date: 27 April 2024

Preston Grasshoppers have reluctantly agreed for Alex Keay to step down from his role as Director of Rugby.

As many of you are aware Alex has a Sporting Gap Years business growing exponentially and now requires much more of his time and efforts.

Alex says “I would like to thank the club, players and the members for my warm reception in returning to Hoppers. I hope you have enjoyed watching the style of rugby we have implemented and I wish the club every success in the future. I will make sure to keep coming to watch and support the boys, (once a Hopper, always a Hopper), and it will be nice to support the boys with a beer in my hand on the other side of the railings for a change. I have made some very special friends at the club and Hoppers will always have a special place in my heart.”

Mike Bailey, Chairman of Rugby commented “Alex rejoined the Club, after 13 very successful years at Durham winning 5 National Championships, at the time the Club were bottom of the league and battling to stay in National 2.”

“Since then we have re-established ourselves in National 2 playing an exciting brand of Rugby that has thrilled players, members and supporters alike.”

“Alex is a very knowledgeable Rugby man and has been popular with players and coaches and we are pleased he has agreed to help as a volunteer advisor to Players, Coaches and the Club when needed.”

“We are forever grateful for the dedication, focus and direction Alex has given to us here at the club, we hope for his legacy to continue with the hard work he has carried out over the past year in bringing the current team together for the upcoming season.”

“Alex will always be considered a close friend of the club, and I speak for everyone as we wish him all the best for his future endeavours. A true Hopper who will always be welcome at Lightfoot Green Lane.”

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