Andy Donovan appointed Chairman

Date: 26 April 2020

Since George Erdozain stood down as Chairman of the club in December, Martin Hothersall has been Acting Chairman as well as Honorary Treasurer. Following discussions within the club’s Management Committee, Andy Donovan has agreed to take up the post of Chairman and his agreement has been welcomed by the Management Committee. Speaking of his appointment, Andy said:

“Those of you who know me will hopefully agree that I am committed to the Club and I am willing to help the Club in any way I can.

All sports Clubs at our sort of level always face challenging times (unless they have a very wealthy benefactor). The Coronavirus has now made those challenging times very difficult. We shall only get through this through the efforts of everyone associated with the Club. I am confident we will manage this because of the people involved with the Club: staff, members, supporters, customers, players at all levels and in all sports, coaches, sponsors and the volunteers who put in so much time and effort (and I want to mention specifically the  Management Committee and our Director of Rugby).

We have as a Club been effectively closed for over a month now and steps have been taken to minimise the detrimental impact on the Club, particularly financially. Some people are already planning for when we re open although obviously nothing can yet been arranged definitely until we know the timing and nature of the lockdown relaxation.

If you have any suggestions please let us know – I am happy to get e mails, texts, etc from you. (

I intend to put a note on the website every week or two keeping people up to date with what is happening and what we are planning.

The lockdown is a very difficult time for many people and it is likely to go on for a few weeks more I think. I do know that many of you have been keeping in touch with each other during the period of the lockdown with phone calls, etc. I would ask you to think about your friends at the Club and perhaps make an extra effort to contact them, make sure they are okay and , if you are able, offer to help if they need, with shopping for instance. If anyone reading this needs some support or the contact details of a Club member, please let me know and we can see if we can sort something.

Finally, please take care and look after yourselves, and I hope you and your families are all well.”

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