Bailey Financial Services Sponsorship

Date: 06 November 2013

On Saturday we welcome Bailey Financial Services to Lightfoot Green as the main match sponsors for the 1st XV game with Bromsgrove.

Bailey FInancial Services

Ahead of their visit we caught up with managing director and our Chairman of Rugby Michael Bailey to ask him some questions about both rugby and Bailey Financial Services.

Why are BFS keen to sponsor a Hoppers 1st XV game?

Managing Director, Michael Bailey has been affiliated to PGRFC for many
years and believes the ethos of the Club in helping young children enjoy
rugby is an integral part of the community.  We feel it is a way of
entertaining our clients whilst at the same time giving something back
to the rugby club.

What connections do BFS have to Hoppers?

Michael Bailey has played over 350 games for the 1st team, along with
his father who has also been a player and Chairman of Rugby over the
years.  Sarah Edwards, Office Manager at BFS, husband (Teddy Edwards)
also used to play for PGRFC and her son Jack Edwards is now a player for
the U16’s plus also represents Lancashire.

How did you become a Hopper and what is your favourite Hoppers

I became a Hopper around the age of 8 when I used to attend the club
after playing rugby at school on a Saturday morning.  I would come down
and touch judge for my father who would be refereeing a game.

My two favourite Hoppers memories are playing against Northampton in the
1996/97 season and also winning promotion in 1999 at Sandal in the
equivalent national north 2 international 1 –  what a great 3 day

Who are some of the best players you played with during you playing
days at Hoppers? 

The first and most inspirational player was Michael Lough who helped us
win promotion in the 1998/99 season and is now our first team head

Playing with Wade Dooley, especially when he had just returned from the
1991 World Cup and as a 20 stone player, played like an open side wing

The most probably natural gifted runner was Gary Monaghan who again
helped us to promotion in 1999.

How did you make the transition from player to Chairman of Rugby and
how do the 2 compare?

I was asked by John Chesworth after a management meeting whether I was
interested in taking on the role of Chairman of Rugby on a temporary
basis until the end of the season.  Having done the role now for 8
years, I wouldn’t say it was temporary.

My main role as Chairman of Rugby is to make sure that the Club do not
get ahead of themselves and spend more money than they can afford,
whilst providing the watching public a decent team to watch on a

As I have played in all the senior teams at the Club, I feel that all
senior sides are important to the character of the club so I try to
provide support for all sides not just the 1st team.

Being a player all you concentrate on is the game on the Saturday and
being fit, whereas being Chairman of Rugby I’m looking at the overall
fitness of the club.

What services can BFS offer to Hoppers members?

We offer all forms of financial advice and there is no charge for our
initial consultation. The area that maybe of particular interest to
Hoppers members is mortgages and we would urge members who want to
review their existing deal or are thinking of buying to contact us.
People who did not think previously that buying was an option for them
should consider the government help to buy scheme.

What is your prediction for Saturday’s game?

A 5 bonus point win!

We look forward to welcoming Michael, his colleagues, clients and guests on Saturday.

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