Bonfire Night Success!

Date: 05 November 2011

Hoppers hosted it’s annual bonfire night tonight at Lightfoot Green. Judging by the reaction we have had on Twitter and Facebook it must be considered a roaring success!

Thanks to the police and all the volunteers from the club without whom the event couldn’t have happened.

Here are a selection of tweets we received after the fireworks had finished.

@Jebbster1975 tweeted

‘Not only are @RugbyHoppers good at egg chasing but they put on a cracking firework display too!’

@Greyknhightv6 tweeted

‘@Rugbyhoppers Cracking firework display, tickets worth twice the price! Roll on 2012 display!’

@ruthabram tweeted

‘@RugbyHoppers Brilliant firework!! Truly wonderful!!’

@ruthabram has kindly agreed to let us use some video footage she took.

Here’s to next year!

This morning (November 7th) the club received the following email:

‘Preston Grashoppers RFC

I live in Billinge near Wigan and attended your display with my daughter and
her family who live in Preston.
The evening was an outstanding success which all the family enjoyed from the
huge bonfire, the spectacular firework display, the food and
drink and, not least for our six year old grandson, the amusement rides.
All of this could have still been a disaster if the planning outside the
event had not been as brilliantly organised as it was. From the
car park attendants to the large police presence, that controlled the flow
into the event, to the people who took our tickets and the food
and drink arrangements just inside the entrance. Even the exit from the car
park, which in events like this is normally very stressful,
was so controlled that we were on our way home with very little delay.
With such a large body of people in such a relatively small area it could
have had the potential for outbreaks of trouble but in fact the
atmosphere was of a great family event.
I know that to put on such an event is costly, and you must have spent a
fortune on policing apart from the cost of the fireworks, but it
was all worth it from my perspective. I do hope you made some profit from
this event as the effort you had put in deserved a rich reward.
Thanks once again and I hope to be back next year.

Harry Craig’

We look forward to seeing you again Harry!

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