Can you help with memberships?

Date: 21 July 2017

The club are seeking a volunteer or volunteers to look at ways of increasing our membership and ensure we make best advantage of the club’s planned expansion and the opportunities from the housing developments planned for the area.

To aim of the role is to help assist the club with:

  • Retaining and engaging with the existing membership
  • Growing the membership with a particular emphasis on attracting members from the new housing around the club
  • Reviewing existing membership categories and their related incentives and  benefits
  • Proposing new membership incentives and benefits.

The person(s) in the role should ideally be computer literate and familiar with the use of various social media channels.  They would be invited to collaborate with  the existing marketing team at Hoppers and work alongside the general manager. It is not envisaged that role should be too onerous in terms of time and the implementation of the initiatives would be carried out by office team.

Please send any nominations to or have a chat with Richard Ellis or a member of the Management Committee.

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