Chairman’s Update 14th May

Date: 15 May 2020

Quick update on a few things happening at/around the Club.

Dave Preston has been doing a great job on the pitches and all the surrounding areas. The pitches look great, with the grass just beginning to grow quite quickly now. There has also been work done around our wooded areas to smarten them up and look after the trees and other vegetation. Dave has been helped (socially distanced being the top priority!!) by a couple of volunteers.

I need to remind everyone that, with the easing of the lockdown arrangements for specific activities (exercise, garden centres, etc), that the AGP is out of bounds. I know that people might be tempted to get on it for exercise and playing but the AGP must not be used for any purpose and I really must ask everyone to understand this and keep off – this is the direction of the RFU who effectively own the pitch (through a lease arrangement with us) and we must comply!!

Some improvement work is going on at the Club and I hope to update you all next week on progress with some photos of the completed work.

I know that members are doing some great stuff to keep in touch and do things together such as quiz nights. I do want to mention particularly the “Many Miles of May” charity (NHS) initiative by the Club’s women’s section. They are doing great so please click on the link below and support them with a donation.

Finally, I do hope that you all still well and please take care, look after yourself, your family, colleagues and friends.

Andrew Donovan
Preston Grasshoppers RFC

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