Chairman’s Update 19th June

Date: 20 June 2020

A lot of work is going on at the Club in preparation for opening for food and drink on 4th July, depending upon Government decisions and advice which we are still waiting for. I am sure that you will read and hear elsewhere about that so I really do want to focus today on what volunteers are doing to help the Club. I’ll just highlight a few examples.

Dave Smith agreed to lead the refurbishment of the Changing Rooms. He has made a great start on the squash Changing Rooms and has been supported by a group of people mainly from the Squash Section – many thanks.

Here is Dave and Chloe Harrison at work – apologies for the quality of the photo!!

Robin Stenhouse has been leading some work this week on the outside patio area alongside the AGP, “assisted” by Ian “Eddie” Edwardson, Chris Ford, Cameron Carrera, Richard Mills and Steve Kerry. I put assisted in inverted commas as I had the pleasure of witnessing them at work for a while this morning – hilarious!! We have also received great support from Barton Grange and Martin Edwards Limited at Bamber Bridge (run by our own Ed Carson) with the supply of planters, troughs, soil and plants – very much appreciated. Work continues on this project next week.

Derrick Cray is a very regular volunteer and has done loads around the Club. This week he started on re-pointing the flagged area out the back but weather has not been kind so he will be back on Monday.

Craig Steel has been doing a number of video interviews (Hoppers Hangouts) and the first (with Steve Tiernan) has been posted on the website and social media. A great idea and I thoroughly enjoyed listening to Craig and Steve.

Next week we have volunteers on a few jobs: Changing Rooms (still being sorted by Dave Smith), Wainwright’s Bar (Dave Parkinson leading), outside patio area (Robin Stenhouse), play area (Ian “Eddie” Edwardson and Mark “Westy” Eastham) and the gym (a group of 1st team players). It’s great to have so much support – get in touch if you want to help – it makes a huge difference!!

So, that’s all from me today. I hope you, your families and friends are all keeping well – take care.


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