Conduct in the clubhouse

Date: 06 September 2022

Members and visitors will see new notices placed at the club bars reminding people to be courteous to the club staff at all times.

The staff are here to provide customers with a service whether that is to serve drinks at the bar or food at tables. The office staff are also employed to provide various services for the club whilst there are a number of club members who volunteer to carry out work for the club whether that be helping to maintain the grounds, manning the car parks and the gates on matchdays or having been elected as an officer of the club. These staff and volunteers will not continue to run the club if they are abused and without all of these people the club would not exist, and members and visitors would not have the opportunity to enjoy their leisure time having a drink, a meal or watching a game of rugby.

It is noticeable that there has been an increase of unacceptable behaviour at the club which cannot be tolerated. The outcome has been that a small number of members have been banned from the club for some months. Whilst this is an action we do not want to have to take, we are absolutely committed to protecting our staff and volunteers at all times. If there are any incidents of the use of abusive language or threatening behaviour towards staff or volunteers, the person involved will be asked to leave the premises immediately and will thereafter be banned from the club for a period of time.

So please be courteous to the staff and volunteers at all times – and if they have provided you with good service, please acknowledge that. A smile and a thank you go a long way to making sure everyone has a good time.

Graham Cox
On behalf of the Management Committee

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