Digital Archives Updated

Date: 09 January 2015

Since October 2013 club archivist and historian Mike Forshaw has been working tirelessly in conjunction with a member of the Preston Digital Archive to catalog and as many of the clubs old photographs, press clippings and documents as possible.

Items are continually being added to the collection which can be viewed in full at the link below. The more recent additions feature many current members so make for great viewing.

Lancashire Archives have kindly offered to store the physical copies along with other items of ephemera we own in a safe environment. The memorabilia remains our property and we have full access to everything.

The great bonus this offers the club is that we now have instant access to around 250 photographs, a collection which is ever growing.

We are anxious to collect other images and memorabilia relating to the club in years gone by that members and the general public are holding, and would encourage people to get in touch to either loan their possessions to us for copying or if they wish, donate them to a good home.

One instance of such an occurrence is that a gentleman living in London contacted the club regarding a photograph he had of his grandfather pictured in a group of players from 1911. We already had a small postcard copy of the image but the original photo from the players ancestor was donated to us with a very nice letter giving some historical details of the player in question.

People are encouraged to add comments, corrections or further information to our photographs as they go live and as we still require information on a number of these, such as missing names and dates etc.

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