Dominant forward play gives 3rd XV first win

Date: 09 October 2011

Dominant Forward Play Leads To First Win

Newly promoted Trafford Metrovick travelled to Lightfoot Green on a blustery and wet end to the week that had the hottest October day ever! Probably a relief to both sides!

From the first scrum it was evident that Hoppers pack were going to enjoy to day, pushing Trafford back. This continued throughout the game and gave the backs a good platform to work with.

The noticeable combination of hooker Antni ‘what sort of spelling is that’ Nightingale and Chris ‘starfish’ Ringrose in the line out was effective all game long (potentially helped by the referee neglecting to enforce the throwing of straight line outs)!

This weeks player spotted having a rest on the wing, was Gav ‘Lightning’ McQueen, much to his surprise during BOTH of his rest periods, quick ball through the backs ended up with him having to make a 22 meter sprint to the line on both occasions.

Last weeks try scorer Luis ‘Shakes’ Dunne was having a shocker! A bad spell of 5 mins lead to the following errors:

  • Failure to defuse a high bomb
  • Shocking kick straight down the throat of the opposition fullback
  • Missing the follow up tackle from the previous kick
  • Wearing ‘Bling’ during the first half(20mins in passing it to the crowd to send to cash4gold)!

On the topic of last weeks scorers Stephen ‘Copper’ Lightfoot, the man mountain was duly picked up driven backwards and dumped to the floor by the opposition forward, significantly smaller than him! Copper was not a happy bunny, the opposition took it well looking up with a cheeky smile!

Just before the half the forward domination continued from a 5 meter line out, Oga ‘What’s port? I want need Whiskey!’ Mabaya controlled the ball at the back of a driving maul, powering over to score. Conversion knocked over by Sean ‘I’ll be at training this week’ Donelly.

Hoppers went into half time 17-0 up, with lots of positive play that needed to continue in the 2nd half. Toward the end of the break a Weight Watchers meeting was conducted between ‘All action’ Sean Jackson, Gav ‘Lightening’ McQueen and Luis ‘Shakes’ Dunne. After much discussion it was concluded they were all very much over weight!

With the wind now behind Trafford MV they enjoyed putting Hoppers under pressure, after several minutes in the Hopper’s 22 they were rewarded with a try under the sticks.

Efficient tackling from Hoppers backs added to the forwards pressure, Chris ‘later to be taken out by a sniper’ Doxsey forced an interception on half way and sprinted over for the score. Converted once again by Sean ‘I’ll be at training this week’ Donelly.

Final score 24-12

Thanks to Ben Murphy for providing this report.

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