Eye Opening Start for Hoppers Cricket

Date: 05 May 2014

Hoppers v Grimsargh
Lightfoot Green
Boddington’s Village Cricket League

“MICHAEL FISH never mentioned this” mused John Dewhurst to Ken Moore, as the heavens opened, threatening to wash out the first game of the season. Thankfully the shower subsided and the two teams took to the field, to initiate a reduced game of twelve overs aside.

Champions of the last four seasons Grimsargh batted first and Tom Peterson, on his first outing as captain, entrusted Hothersall to begin proceedings. His faith was immediately repaid with a wicket with the first ball! Was this to be Hopper’s season?!

The away side quickly got to grips with proceedings and were scoring at a healthy rate. However, the Peterson brothers and A. Murray steadied the ship somewhat with good spells and Zolly made an impressive trademark catch in the deep. Grimsargh ended the innings with an impressive 97/4, leaving Hops with a lot to do with wood-in-hand.

Openers Dew and Taylor strode confidently to the crease, only to be met by a hostile and hazardous first over. Dew had a couple of early misses, but wasn’t so lucky with the fourth delivery. A fuller, quicker delivery clipped his top edge and struck him narrowly below the eye. The crowd of thirteen gasped as he defiantly marched off the field and straight to hospital.

Garth suffered a small fracture to his eye socket but hopes to play next week

Garth suffered a small fracture to his eye socket but hopes to play next week

With a man down, John Peterson rolled up his brilliantly white sleeves and headed out to war. John harmonised his sensible strokes with Taylor’s baseball-style shots to render Grimsargh’s attack akin to a punch-drunk pugilist in the twelfth.

Sean quickly retired unbeaten with a gigantic maximum of 30, almost shattering the members bar window and subsequently Dave Parkinson’s varifocals. This resulted in T. Peterson joining his sibling in the middle. Parents Gill and Alan proudly watch on as their two boys calmly brought Hoppers to within ten runs of victory. Following JP’s retirement, A Murray confidently entered the fray.

With Hops needing less than a run a ball, the two batsmen played more conservatively. Until Murray sensationally brought the lads home with a huge boundary in the last. All this in a slippery tie in even slippery-er conditions without the loss of a wicket.

Up next, Barton Grange.


Grimsargh 97/4 (12 overs)

Bowling Figures

R Hothersall 3-0-21-1
M Dawson 2-0-23-0
A Murray 2-0-16-1
T Peterson 3-0-18-2
J Peterson 2-0-15-0

Preston Grasshoppers 98-0 (11.2 overs)

Batting Card

G Dew – Retired Hurt – 6
S Taylor – Retired – 30
J Peterson – Retired – 25
T Peterson – Not Out – 22
A Murray – Not Out – 6

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