Penrith U14s vs PGRFC U14s

Date: 17 April 2014

Penrith U14s  0   Hoppers U14s  82
Sunday 10th November 2013

The 150 mile round trip over the border to Penrith was made a pleasant affair with the glorious sunshine that greeted us from dawn, and the excellent club facilities looking over to the Lake District hills, covered in snow. Despite the post code on the sat nav taking most cars to the far end of a housing estate, there was a good turn out of over 20 players and they were all raring to go in the good conditions.

Ollie kicked off for Hoppers, and Penrith put in a good clearing kick to touch on about half way. Hoppers, though, showed their dominance from the first exchanges, winning the line out and Duggie breaking down the blind side to simply outpace the defense and score under the posts. 5-0 to Hoppers, conversion missed as Duggie rattled the post so hard it looked like it might fall over!

A good kick receipt from Ollie set up some good back play from Hoppers, relishing the first dry conditions for a few weeks. Despite some spirited, initial defense from Penrith, Hoppers soon added to the score. Following a line out win from their throw in, Adam moved the ball to Callum who distributed it quickly to the backs, moving slickly through their hands with Charles entering the line from full back to hold the defense and put Nathan away. He fended off an attempted tackle, and ran in on our right to score. 12-0 after Duggie converted.

The third came straight away, with Penrith somewhat shell shocked. Lewis took the kick off and ran the ball back with pace and strength – the spectators aghast at the pace from a prop, the fasted prop in the league?? 17-0 with the conversion missed. The Penrith players redoubled their efforts and put in a good hit from the kick off to have some territory and a couple of phases of play. The Hopper’s defense when needed, though, was very strong, initially in the backs and then on the blind side from the forwards, to snuff out any danger. Penrith also were competitive in the set scrums, but the fourth try came from a good Hoppers set piece on our 10m line, with the ball moved well again through the backs, via Ben and Duggie. Nathan took the ball at pace and cutting in fed the ball to Ben, who fed Nathan back in turn who ran the ball in for his second try. 22-0 with the conversion missed.

Hoppers were now in complete control and only the tendency to over-complicate moves kept the score down, and although Penrith never gave up their efforts, any attack was defended well with the back row of the 3 SAMs WMD all working effectively. Hopper’s forwards were also getting well involved and Jack put on some very powerful and direct runs, nearly adding to the score. The fifth try came with good work from the forwards holding up Penrith in a maul, before Duggie ripped the ball out – feeding Ben, who put Nathan away for his hat trick. 27-0 conversion missed. The tries came thick and fast now with the sixth coming straight from the kick off, with Lewis scoring his second after another powerful, fast break. 32-0 with the conversion made by Charles to make the score 34-0.

Oscar did excellent work on the left wing, following an interchange between Duggie and Adam and Penrith were having to defend strongly and keep their heads up. There was excellent continuity between backs and forwards, with some great breaks and distribution from Harvey. Despite Penrith’s continued efforts, Hoppers ran in a seventh try before half time through Ben. Sam W half charged down a clearing kick from Penrith and the ball fell to Ben who ran hard and straight to get over to score. 39-0 then 41-0 as Charles made the conversion. The half was ended with another great try from Hoppers. Super work by Adam feeding quick ball, a storming run by Jack down the middle and great hands from Callum in mid field got the ball to Nathan on the wing, who flicked the ball back inside as he was caught. It looked like it was knocked on, but the ball went forward off a Hoppers’ foot and Harvey gathered to go over to score. 46-0 with another conversion made by Charles to end the half 48-0.

Penrith kicked off the second half and Sam W ran the ball back well linking with Ben. Penrith had regrouped and were having some possession and territory. Hoppers had brought on several players to ensure that everyone had at least half a game. Unfortunately for Penrith, the players subbed in no way weakened the team, such is the strength in depth of the Hoppers squad. Tom had an immediate impact distributing the ball well, and Jake made his mark with a try early in the half. He took the ball at pace from full back coming into the line and outpacing the defense to score under the post – the frustration of watching from the side lines released at once. 53-0 with the kick missed.

Penrith were not in the game at all now with Hoppers scoring at will. Sam M took the kick off and set the ball up well, then Hoppers went through several good phases. The next score came as Sam M ripped the ball in a tackle and the ball was fed via Duggie who straightened the line of attack before feeding Ben. He showed his power again, fending off several attempted tackles to go over and score under the posts. 58-0, conversion again rattling the posts but not adding to the score. Another score followed quickly when Sam M took the ball at pace from the kick off and the forwards set up quick ball for Jack to break and power down the middle. The second fasted prop was caught by their pacy back, but offloaded expertly in the tackle to Duggie who ran in his second. 65-0 with the kick converted by Harvey. Ross added a great try soon after: Sam W took the kick off and ran through a tiring Penrith defense on the right hand side and fed Ross who showed great pace to back up and take the ball around under the posts. 72-0 with the kick made by Harvey.

Penrith kept trying hard, but Jake was making some really dangerous runs, and Sam R was putting real pressure on them from flanker. Tom continued to distribute well and tackle well in defense, and Harvey was making breaks and offloading well in the backs. Hoppers scored again after another power run from Jack, the ball reaching Ben in mid field who was just too powerful for his defenders, and broke through to score, 77-0, conversion missed. Adam M got the final try running a great line to crash over, making the final score 82-0 after the conversion was missed.

Back to the Blacksticks Blue Cup next week, with a home tie against West Park.

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