PGRFC U15s vs Blackburn U15s

Date: 17 April 2014

Hoppers U15s  15   Blackburn U15s  10
Blacksticks Blue Cup Round 4

Our local rivals Blackburn are fierce competitors and having done their homework had come with a game plan in our Lancashire Cup Round 4 match this weekend. A fumble from the kick off and no one securing the ball gifted Hoppers early momentum and an opportunist try within the first minute. This early good fortune might have fooled Hoppers into underestimating the opposition and give rise to the belief this might be something of a formality.

Blackburn had other ideas however and through some on the most organised, determined and street savvy forward play fought their way back into the game. Blackburn secured a well worked try through the hands of their backs touching down under the posts giving them a straight forward conversion. Two tries from Hoppers and a consolation penalty kick for Blackburn took care of the scoring but this fixture remained tense throughout and could potentially have gone either way.

A hard fought victory against a tenacious side called heavily on Hoppers reserves of courage and resilience to see them through and might well be as tough a fixture as this cup group has to offer and I’m sure with this sort of resilience there won’t be too many teams roll Blackburn over without a battle.

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