Under 10s travel to Stockport

Date: 05 February 2016

Sunday came around again and for the second week running, we managed to get out for a game.  After a really frustrating period of flooded pitches, followed by frozen pitches, the boys have been really happy to get out and play.

This week the challenge put before us was Stockport, a relative unknown to our boys, having never played them before.  The pitch itself presented its own challenge, with it being very muddy and boggy, making it quite an effort to run through.  A squad of 20 travelled from Preston to meet an equally matched squad of 20 from Stockport.

Our boys were typically slow to get going, which is generally the case following a longer road trip, but once they settled into the game, the whole squad showed a great togetherness and a team spirit which has been growing nicely for some time now.  The commitment to play for each other and support as a team is really great to see.

Although coming up short in all four games we played, there were some excellent passages of play and some real glimpses of what could be with real team spirit building throughout.  There are definite areas to be worked on, but hopefully now we can hit a more settled run of games without interruption and continue to build on what is a fantastic base.

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