Friday Night Rugby Derby

Date: 21 September 2011

Hoppers’ 2nd XV vs Fylde 2nd XV

(photo courtesy of Mick Craig)

PGRFC have confirmed that the 2nd XV league local derby against neighbours Fylde will be played under lights at Lightfoot Green on Friday 7th October with an 8pm kick off. This will be the first of hopefully a number of 2nd XV games which will be played on Friday nights in an effort to boost the profile of the 2nd XV.

Speaking on the iniative Gareth Dyer said on behalf of the Rugby Committee “We hope to play a number of 2nd XV games at home on Friday nights. We have targeted certain derby games that we hope clubs will be interested in playing on Friday evenings. Our thanks go to Fylde who were of the same view that this would be a good way of boosting the profile of the 2nd XV Bateman Premier League. As a reciprocal agreement we will return the favour if both teams qualify for Conference A when the league splits after the first series of fixtures”.

“We think this will bring a number of benefits. The coaches get to see the whole squad in action over certain weekends, the players will hopefully get good support in terms of increased crowds wanting some Friday night entertainment and it allows the senior squad to support each other. We will have increased opportunity to be flexible in selection as well if we start to suffer injuries which was a major factor towards the end of last term. The 2nd XV have hit the ground running and we have real competition for places developing within the squad. This is hopefully another positive development for 2nd XV rugby”.

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