Graham Jones – Appeal to help fund this Hoppers’ return home

Date: 30 March 2021

Many Squash members will know Graham while others will recognise him from the bar.

Graham had been an active squash member, and bar user, for about 20 years. He is married with children and lives in Cottam. He’s worked at BAE for over 40 years and had his accident almost a year ago. He was cycling, head down very quickly, to work at Warton and ran into the back of a stationary van. He suffered significant damage, including broken vertebrae which caused injuries to his spinal cord. This left him paralysed from neck down for a period. He has since recovered somewhat but still has very restricted movement of his limbs. His long term mobility prognosis is not good but he may continue to improve movement for up to another year. He is currently in a care home.

His wife is making modifications to their home so that they can accommodate him moving home with his wheelchair.

A fund raiser to help her has been set up at:

Graham Jones – Collection Pot

All donations are most welcome and we are sure many of us will want to help a fellow Hopper.

Bob Lonsdale for Hoppers Squash

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