Harrison Drury Sponsor Broadstreet Game

Date: 17 September 2014

On Saturday we welcome Harrison Drury to Lightfoot Green as our main match sponsor for the 1st XV game with Broadstreet.

”Harrison Drury are award-winning solicitors with a unique approach that centres on making it possible for our clients.

We look at every situation with a client hat on. We listen, we understand and we pull out all the stops to get the right results, whether it is a commercial or personal matter.

Our track record has made Harrison Drury a leading choice of solicitor for business and private clients across the region.

We also strive to be an employer of choice, giving our clients access to passionate, talented advisers, and our people an enjoyable and rewarding career.

If you would like to discuss a legal matter, call us today. We have offices in Preston, Lancaster, Garstang and Kendal.” – Taken from www.harrison-drury.com

Managing Director of Harrison Drury, John Chesworth

Managing Director of Harrison Drury, John Chesworth

Ahead of the game we managed to speak with Managing Director John Chesworth to ask him some questions about Harrison Drury and also rugby in general. John is a former 1st XV captain at Hoppers and is now a member of the managing committee that runs the club.

Who are HD and what services do you offer?

HD provides legal advice and assistance to owner-managed businesses and individuals who want a pro-active service. This involves anything from buying and selling a business to writing out your will.

Why should Hoppers members consider using HD for their legal work?

We see it as our job to make it possible for our clients to achieve their objectives, not as some lawyers do, become the sticking point in a project. At HD we set out to understand our clients and the business sectors they work in, which allows us to provide legal services tailored to their needs. Also, Hoppers members can help the club and themselves with our discount scheme which takes 5% off the price paid by the member and a further 5% of the fee is donated to the Hoppers.

What connections do HD have with Hoppers?

HD have a number of connections with the Hoppers. Both Owen McKenna and I have represented the first team, Owen a lot more recently than me. As well as playing here, George Erdozain, a consultant with HD, is Chairman of the Management Committee at the Hoppers. I also serve on the Management Committee as it is important to me that the Hoppers remains in good health so that future generations can get the same enjoyment and build the same friendships that I have been lucky to experience.

Why are HD keen to sponsor a Hoppers 1st XV game?

As well as wanting support our local team, a sponsored match at the Hoppers provides the ideal opportunity to catch up with our clients and other business connections in an informal setting. Our guests are always full of praise for the club when we have sponsored in the past and this reflects superbly on our firm.

What is your prediction for the game on Saturday?

Hoppers to win by 15 points. Looking forward to watching Hoppers play under the guiding hand of Garth Dew.

Can England win the World Cup next year?

They can definitely win it, but I suspect we will need a slip up by the All Blacks if this is to happen.

What is the biggest change in rugby since you both played the game at 1st XV level?

No sherry in the changing room before the match anymore, and I think that the current personal grooming routines would not have gone down too well with Wade Dooley and Roy Dransfield.

What is your favourite Hoppers memory (on or off the pitch)?

Winning promotion to National league 1 in 1999 and the 2 days of fun that followed, closely followed by the epic club tour to Canada in 1994, 18 days on tour 6 games, 6 wins and 17 big nights out (you have to have at least one night off).

Who is the hardest/fastest/strongest/most skilful player you have played with?

Hardest player:- Mike Bailey had a fearsome reputation and some of the telling offs he dished out to opponents in the line out were legendary
Fastest player:- Not sure on this one, but will have to go for my old mate Michael Lough. I certainly couldn’t catch him, but that does not narrow down the field particularly.
Strongest player:- I think this has to be a joint award to Neil and Ian Ashton. The scariest brothers I’ve seen on a Rugby pitch, and off it of that matter.
Most skilful player:- Mike Kirby – Mike was 40 when I was about 23 and he had such a deft touch as a stand off that he could put you through a gap every time, (although I still tended to run straight into the nearest opponent).

We thank John for answering our questions and we look forward to welcoming him, his colleagues, clients and guests to the game on Saturday.

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