Hoppers 2 Twickers profiles – Rob Smith

Date: 21 April 2012

Rob Smith

In the coming weeks and days we will be profiling the members of the Hoppers 2 Twickers cycling team who are raising money for ‘Help for Heroes’ by cycling from Hoppers to Twickenham. Today is the turn of 3rd team regular Rob Smith.

Rob Smith

Personal Detail

Name: Robert Alexander Smith

Date of Birth: 03/07/1980

Place of Birth:  Wembley (although if anyone asks I’m from Yorkshire)

Height:  5’8 ish

Weight:  11st 7lbs


Sports Background

Where have you played rugby? Silcoates school, Loughborough Uni, Preston Grasshoppers RFC

Most significant achievement in sport? Hoppers Come Dancing Champion – 2010


Cycling Specific

What bike do you ride?  Cannodale Quick 3

Favourite training course: The long downhill stretch into Longridge from the top of Jeffrey Hill. It almost makes up for the pain of riding up Jeffrey Hill.

What impact has training for this event had? Fitness and an increased appetite. Cycling makes you always hungry.

What’s the best & worst thing about cycling? Best – It’s the one sport where I don’t end up covered in bruises: Worst – Hills, wind and rain, especially all at the same the time.


General Interest

Ambitions: Simply to make it to Twickenham in one piece and hopefully not to have to sit on a rubber ring for two weeks afterwards!

Hobbies: Rugby, Snowboarding & now Cycling

Reason for participating: Drunk whilst watching a bike race on tour in Alemlo.

Fears/Concerns: Getting a puncture, losing a cleat, getting lost, colliding with a horse; pretty much any of the things that have already happened to me since I started cycling


Personal Quote: Do everything sober, that you say you’ll do drunk. You’ll either learn to shut up or have great fun doing it.


Words of advice: Just keep going and let’s make sure we have a laugh along the way


Why I should be sponsored? Apart the physical torture were going to be putting ourselves through, we want to raise as much money as we possibly can for Help for Heroes. It’s a truly worthy cause and I’m sure many of you will already have seen just how much they really do help our injured soldiers, get through extremely tough times. So please dig deep and support us on our ride.


You can sponsor Rob at – www.bmycharity.com/colinwhalley

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