Place Orders now for Club Blazers

Date: 16 January 2018

We have had a great response to the Club Blazers and have sufficient interest to go to the order stage. And even if you haven’t put your name down yet you can still order in this batch at this price!

The blazers are priced at £170 each and will be tailored to suit M & S sizes in both men’s and women’s cuts.  It must be pointed out that whilst this isn’t a one off opportunity to purchase a blazer, once the initial batch of material has been used another would have to be woven and a substantial demand made before any more could be ordered, without any guarantee of  maintaining the current price.

To order

a) go to Marks and Spencers and try on blazers and note the size that fits you. Not only the chest size but the length/fit too. Or use this size chart but note your jacket will be made to the size you order. Marks and Spencers Size Guide

b) email your size to You must include: for men Chest Size and Length (Short, Medium, Long or Extra Long) and: for women Size and Fit.

c) pay here at this link or  ring/call in the office to pay a £100 deposit. This is non-refundable and the jacket will be made to the size you order.

We are aiming to place our order by 2nd February, the garments should be ready by the end of May, in good time for next season.

If you have any questions or wish to place an order, please contact Mike at

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