Hoppers Community Lottery Launching in 2016

Date: 16 December 2015

2016 will see the launch of the new Hoppers Community Lottery.

The Community Lottery will be replacing the 250 Club and will move from being a monthly draw to a weekly draw.

All funds raised will continue be used on projects to improve the facilities and equipment for all members at Preston Grasshoppers.

Membership to the lottery can be made through the purchase of 50p units, either on 1st team match days (pay 2/3 weeks in front) or by monthly direct debit (minimum 2 numbers per week for DD).

The minimum purchase is a single unit however additional units which will increase the chances of winning a prize can be obtained in multiples of 50p. 50% of the monthly income is distributed in prizes of which there will be 3 per week.

As an example if 400 units are sold that will mean a prize pot of £100 with a first prize of £60, second prize of £24 and third prize of £16.

Winners will be published on the website, as well as the noticeboard in the club every week. A new Facebook page has been setup as well to help spread the word.

Hoppers Community Lottery Facebook Page

The more members taking part means a bigger prize pot for all and greater benefit for the Club.
If you wish to join simply, fill in the online application form below selecting how many units per week you would like, ask the office for a direct debit form or sign up in person on Saturdays at the club 1pm – 2:30pm.

*You must be 18 years old to partake.*


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