Hoppers logging the miles for Doddie AID

Date: 06 February 2023

As we enter the final week of Doddie AID 2023, we’re taking a look at the progress of all those who have signed up from Hoppers, how far they have travelled, and how much money has been raised.

Doddie Aid is a mass participation event, encouraging you to get active for 6 weeks from 1 January and raise funds to help find a cure to Motor Neuron Disease. Doddle Aid culminates this weekend with the DoddieCup555 ride where the match ball will be transported from Cardiff to Murrayfield prior to the Scotland vs Wales 6N game, now known as the Doddie Cup.

At the time of writing (6th Feb, 3pm) there are 146 Hoppers who have registered to take part, covering 19,585.37 miles and raising £2080 between them! A superb effort we’re sure you’ll agree.

Participants of note include Mini-Junior parent Chris Henson (pictured below) who has so far travelled 2190.86 miles! Chris said “It’s not massively out of the ordinary for me to cycle pretty much every day anyway but I have really pushed it to do this kind of mileage for such an important cause. Having a turbo trainer in the garage gives me no excuses at this time of year and I either do one long session or a couple of shorter ones, depending on what time I can find in the day. Sometimes it’s 5am!  It’s not always easy with a midwife wife working shifts and 3 kids to juggle, plus a big dog that needs walking a couple of times a day.”

The Hoppers Rollers (The cycling section of Preston Grasshoppers) have also racked up some serious miles as well with Gary Stanley covering just under 1,000 miles with Mike Lyth and John Livesey not far behind! Other participants who have covered over 500 miles include Richard Lodge, Brian Finlay, The Stott family, Ian Mackenzie, David Robinson, Robert Turner and Beth Treaddell.

To show your support for those who have racked up so many miles as well as for the Foundation Itself we are encouraging club members, supporters and friends to donate via the link below.


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