Hoppers welcome ‘Amatori Rugby Formia’

Date: 16 April 2013

The Club “Amatori Rugby Formia”, whose players are called Aurunci, was founded in the 2006.

The club was initially created by a small group of friends from Formia which quickly attracted the attention of young and old players from all around the Gulf of Formia, that till then, had almost never heard or played rugby.

The commitment and the passion that the players had permitted the Club to grow and to gather new players each year.

The Club decided to stop playing in the official league two years ago in order to concentrate on growth of the squad and to bring in new young blood.

Thanks to Mr John Lavalle, a former Preston Grasshopper player, who moved to Italy, and Mr Malcolm Alden , the club had the chance to create an interesting bond with the Preston’s club.

Amatori Rugby Formia

Amatori Rugby Formia pictured with John Lavelle (Back row right) and Hoppers president Malcom Alden (front right)

Initially the exchange consisted of 4-5 senior Grasshopper players coming over to Italy to help train rugby formia in the grasshoppers way!

This has been a regular yearly trip which has now led to Preston Grasshoppers officially inviting the “Amatori” to play at the Hoppers this Saturday against a Hoppers XV!!!

Amatori Rugby Formia logo which incorporates the ‘Grasshopper’

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