Introducing Hoppers Girls!

Date: 27 October 2016

“Rugby is a game created by boys, but perfected by girls” I once heard said and to be honest, as a proud father of one little Hoppers Girl, why couldn’t they?

Hoppers Girls

Connie, Eimear, Zoe, Emma and Jessica enjoying the Pitch up and Play event at Burnley RUFC

I first heard about Hoppers girls just under a year ago when the club, supported by the RFU, set about to help grow the ladies game by looking into ways of keeping and encouraging players between the ages of 11 and 17. This is the age range where girl’s participation in the sport is extremely low in comparison to other sports. Therefore, being a father of two daughters, both of which are sporty and have grown up in and around rugby clubs, it was a perfect opportunity to get at least one of them playing the sport I love. So armed with the promise of a bacon butty and a bottle of pop, the youngest of my offspring was convinced that rugby was the greatest sport in the world for an 11 yr old girl (well it is, isn’t it?). She loved it and before long her confidence grew at the same rate as my pride did and another Hoppers Girl was born! Since then, the group has grown from a small number of 3 to a team of 10 girls across the U13 and U15 age ranges, and given the dedication from Mollie Pailing, the lead coach, the girls are developing as confident, happy players each week.

Hoppers Girls

Eimear in action for Hoppers Girls

Already the team has played competitively in ‘Pitch up and Play’ events hosted at Burnley, Vale of Lune and recently Fleetwood where we all watched with pride as our girls ‘took it to the opposition’ with no fear and big happy smiles. With the day always rounded off with a tray of chips (for the girls!) the team goes home happy and looking forward to the next session.

The girls would love to have more recruits so if you are 11-17 and interested in playing rugby that is fun, friendly with opportunities to make friends and play against other clubs, please come down and speak to myself or Mollie Pailing.

Our sessions are every Sunday morning from 10:30 for every girl of every ability. So why not come down and give it a go this or any coming Sunday – the fun factor is guaranteed!
Be great to see you!

Steve Tiernan
Proud Hoppers Girls Dad and Coach.

Hoppers Girls

The Hoppers girls supporting the Senior Ladies XV at the Sally Watson Memorial Game.

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