Lockdown Stories – Vol. 1

Date: 04 May 2020

What are you doing in Lockdown??

We spoke to some of our 1st XV players to see how they were getting on in lockdown, what they are up to and how they are coping…….

Matt Lamprey – @matthewlamprey

Laura and I are both working so not much has changed in that respect. I do, however, seem to be spending every other minute trying to keep our daughter entertained with walks and playing in the garden. Obviously as a stats man I have been following the numbers hoping there is a clue to when this will all end, my prediction…. NEVER! I am also getting infuriated with every American News/TV series as it shows off how insane they are and instead it seems countries like New Zealand and Korea are showing everyone how it’s done. Then to add insult to injury the weather is forecast to rain in the next couple of weeks so that will probably make quarantine even tougher!

Sam Stott – @sam_stott25

I am a Project Manager at BAE Systems and can work from home, so it really is business as usual for me. Away from work though I am exercising regularly and trying to keep fit with a mixture of circuits and runs. In the last couple of weeks my partner and I got the keys to our first house! As you can imagine the rest of our spare time is spent doing work on it and decorating.

Chris Taylor – @chris_taylor02

I’ve just finished my research master’s in microbiology so I am spending as much time as I can undertaking refresher courses and free online University courses to strengthen my CV. I am managing to run and cycle daily as well to stay fit. In addition, I quiz twice a week with mates, and we are playing video games to pass some time as well.

Ally Murray – @AlastairMurray8

Hey guys, firstly I would like to thank all key workers and NHS staff who are keeping our country running, you are heroes! Just a quick message to hopefully keep everyone’s spirits up in these tough times. I’m unfortunately still working as I work in a special educational needs school so we have to stay open for our vulnerable young people but it is a bit of a blessing on one hand as it’s keeping my routine the same and some sort of normality. It’s very tough at times at work however as it’s hard to keep socially distant as simply there is not enough room, but we are doing our best!! In the evenings, like most I imagine, I’m enjoying the sun with a nice beer or two and trying to get out walking with the dog. Although my foot has been broken recently so it’s been painful after walks so just making sure I rest and recover properly. Hope you’re all well and staying safe.

Cheers everyone, remember stay home, stay safe and protect the NHS.

Ally x

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