Lockdown Stories – Vol. 2

Date: 07 May 2020

What are you doing in Lockdown??

We spoke to some of our 1st XV players to see how they were getting on in lockdown, what they are up to and how they are coping…….

Noah Miller – @noahcbmiller

Hi all, I hope everyone is doing alright and staying safe during these interesting times. A special thanks to all those still working and helping to move us forwards!

Life for me is as normal as it can be under the circumstances. Izzy and I are both still working which brings a pleasant routine to our days and the only hole left is rugby. This is a mixed blessing as some time away is nice at the end of the season but I’m missing it again a lot now, and I seem to be filling the hole mostly with cooking … and then eating. I’ve managed to spend more time with my family recently than I did before this all started, which has been an unexpected silver lining as they live across the country. And just because Nell’s is closed doesn’t mean the pub quizzing stops either!

May has come and the sun is out in full force, so I’m trying to ramp up the exercise and ramp down the beer a little, but we shall see come pre-season how successful I was. My summer season at the club with the mighty Hoppers Sloggers has been sadly curtailed but I can’t wait to be back with everyone soon.

All the best and wishing health and happiness to everyone, Noah

Jordan Dorrington – @j_dorrington

Throughout lockdown I have carried on working as I am a firefighter in Cumbria. However, my first two weeks of lockdown I was on leave, so I mostly spent my time under the influence of alcohol! However, after that I decided to focus on my fitness and get ready for the season ahead whenever that may be. So, between focusing on my fitness and having the odd drink I have had a fake wedding, tidied the house 34639274 times, done up the garden, had numerous bbq’s and bought a dog. Enjoying this time with my family but could really do with getting back to normality. All the best to you all, Jordan.

Ben Dorrington – @ben_dorrington

I am currently still working, due to the young people still needing care in the homes. But my days off have been actual days off for me, and this whole lockdown has made me realise that I work far too much. And spending time with Ezra is more important. Ezra and I have been doing lots of walks, runs, cycles and even lifting weights in the garden. He is a very good motivator to keep fit as all he wants to do is exercise. I haven’t taken up any hobbies such as learning a new language yet, but that could only be a matter of time. Hope everyone is staying safe. Up the Hoppers!!!! See you soon, Ben.

Oga Mabaya – @crazymabaya

First of all, I hope everyone is safe and healthy during this uncertain time. Sadie and myself are still working, with the slight change that Sadie is able to work from home, I still have to go to work where I am a machine operative. When I have not been at work, I have been keeping myself busy watching a lot of Netflix and going on a few runs (nothing silly). On a few occasions we thought we would dress up like we were going on a night out and have a mini disco in our kitchen, which really kept us smiling. Then to top it off we have got ourselves a Miniature Schnauzer puppy called Margo, which has now really kept us busy and probably temporarily shut the kitchen discos…for now ….. can’t wait to see you all at Hoppers whenever we can! Oga


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