Lottery Winners and Future Plans

Date: 17 December 2020

In coping with the pandemic the regular Lottery draws unfortunately got overlooked. Direct debit payments kept being made in February, March and April but have not been taken since.

Management Committee have taken the decision to re-launch the lottery and details will be announced in due course. The support of current members over the years is very much appreciated but it is hoped that with a freshening up of the format many more members from all sections of the Club will partake in the future. It is a vital source of revenue to the Club and even more so in these strange times.

Therefore the final draw under the old format has been made to cover March to April and the winners are:


 1st Prize

 2nd Prize

 3rd Prize


Michael Bailey

Andy Donovan

Ian McKenzie


AJ Ashcroft-Leigh

Hadyn Gigg

Ian McKenzie


Brian Charters

Les Harrison

George Erdozain

Payment direct to the winners will be by BACS and should be in their bank accounts by Friday 18 December.

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