Many Miles of May update 22nd May

Date: 24 May 2020

Many Miles of May

(The Ladies Challenge to raise money for the NHS)

We are currently on 1743 miles out of our 1869 mile target with 10 days left in May. This means we are looking at smashing our target and potentially achieving a much higher amount. We are also currently on £937 raised which is a massive 366% over our target amount of £250. This money will be going to the association of NHS Charities to help as much as we can during this challenging time.

The link to donate can be found in our social media which is @hopperswomen as we want to raise as much as we can for this cause.

Every girl has put effort into tracking how far they have travelled whether it be a dog walk, a walk to the supermarket or their daily exercise. The effort from each girl has been excellent, especially since some on the team are key workers at this moment and are fitting in walking/running/cycling with their shifts.

On top of us setting this goal to achieve, we want to make sure we are staying as fit as possible with all of the uncertainty about season start dates. The support we’ve had behind us for this challenge has been amazing so thank you to everyone who has donated or given us moral support, it means a lot to us. Also thank you to all the girls that are taking part. 

If anyone would like to donate the link is

Emma Pooley


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