Members Bar Discount

Date: 30 July 2020

The club is pleased to be able to reinstate the discount on bar prices for members. To do this we are introducing a new contactless bar card.

The only way now to obtain the members discount on alcoholic drinks is to load cash onto your card and pay using your card.  This has several advantages for both the club and member.

  • For the club it reduces the amount of cash that the club handles which in turn reduces the amount of administration time, the amount of cash on the premises and risk of theft or fraud.
  • It also reduces the likelihood of members lending their card to non-members to obtain discount at the club’s expense
  • For the member it is more convenient and should speed up service at the bar with no change having to be given.
  • Reduces the chance of infection spread with no need now for staff to handle the card

How to use your card

The card needs to be topped up to give the member a credit balance.  You can add money onto the card over the bar by credit or debit card so you have a credit balance. Then simply present the card next time you pay for drinks to the contactless card reader. Your 10% discount is applied to your alcoholic drinks bill.  Once the credit is zero just top up again.

Collecting your new Bar Card

There has been a delay in the roll out of the new bar cards as there have been problems getting them to function correctly. The company we have purchased them off is currently working to fix this for us.

As soon as they are ready for collection we will email all members. By way of an apology for the delay, when you collect your card, we will also give you a drinks voucher.

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