Michael ‘Bill’ Bailey’s Ultimate XV

Date: 19 December 2011

In the last edition we brought you Gareth Dyer’s ‘Ultimate XV’ of players he had played with and against.

This time it is the turn of current Chairman of Rugby, Bill Bailey.

Below is his selection with justification for each position.

15. Nick Beal

We couldn’t touch him when we played Northampton in the National Cup at home a few years ago.

14. Mark Preston

He was rapid and a top bloke.

13. Richard Kenyon

Just pure class in any position. Playing at one club during the professional era is also very impressive.

12. John Chesworth

A true Hopper. Always gave 101%.

11. Gary Monaghan

He had a fantastic side step and was a great runner.

10. Michael Lough

Although he is an Aussie, he was the main reason we got promoted in 1999.

9. Chris O’Toole

When he was playing in the equivalent of the championship he was as strong as an ox.

1. Tommy Burns

Tommy was just horrible to play against.

2. Jason Brittan

His lineout throwing first class whilst he was an aggressive presence in the loose.

3. Neil Leeming

Leemers was not your typical prop but he was the strongest player I ever played with.

4. Charles Cusani

He was a very skillful player and excellent in the lineout.

5. Wade Dooley

I remember the first time I was picked to play alongside Wade. We played Durham City and had to win to stay up. Drinking with him afterwards I couldn’t understand why he was drinking halves of Guinness. I then realized he was actually drinking full pints but due to the size of his hands he made it look like he was holding a half! When he came back from the World Cup in 1991 he was immense.

 6. Ian Ashton

Always gave 100%. If only he could have learnt to catch and pass, he would have played in the premiership!

 7. Glyn Dewhurst

Amazing, skilful and an excellent tackler.

 8. Neil Ashton

He was the best trainer I ever played with. He always gave 101% commitment. He was also a fantastic lifter in lineout.


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