Mini Juniors Purchase New Equipment

Date: 12 May 2017

Hoppers took delivery of a new Vertidrainer and Under Deck Mower this week, fantastic additions to the equipment available to Groundsman Dave Preston to keep on top of pitch maintenance and to help improve the quality of the pitches at Hoppers.

The equipment, costing £15000, was purchased in line with the recommendations of a survey of the Hoppers pitches by the Sports Turf Research Institute, recently commissioned by the club. The Mini Junior section successfully applied for a Sport England grant to purchase the equipment and provided the balance from funds raised at the recent Sportsman’s Dinner.

The STRI report made a number of recommendations that are the basis for an ongoing programme of pitch improvements planned at Hoppers. Regular use of the Vertidrainer will help to break up compactation in the top surface of the pitches and help to improve drainage.

Dave Preston is confident the new equipment will make a big difference to the quality of the pitches and training areas, leading to more rugby being played at Hoppers, see Dave showing off the brand new Vertidrainer and Under Deck Mower below.


Many thanks to Sport England for providing the grant and to everyone who attended the recent Sportsman’s Dinner helping us to raise the money to purchase the equipment to benefit all at Hoppers.

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