PGRFC Annual General Meeting

Date: 15 June 2016

This year’s AGM will be held on Thursday 7th July at 7.30pm in the Dooley Suite. The AGM agenda will include the normal items with reports from the Chairman, the Treasurer and the Chairman of Rugby. The club’s accounts will also be presented.  There will also be the opportunity to give updates on the Artificial Grass Pitch and progress against the club survey completed a year ago.

In addition there is a proposal to amend and update the Rules of the Club.

The reasons for the proposed changes in the Rules are:

  1. To consolidate changes approved in past years which have never been properly incorporated into one document.
  2. To update communication with members from newspaper and post to website and email.
  3. To update archaic references such as Auditor to Reporting Accountant, IRFB to World Rugby and remove reference to Amateur Regulations.
  4. To reflect the way the club has been managed for some years with a “Management Committee” and a “Chairman” and to make the Chairman an ongoing Officer of the Club elected by the members rather than the Management Committee.
  5. To clarify membership categories and voting rights.
  6. To give more flexibility should Rule Changes be necessary in the future.
  7. To protect the Club’s interest in its name.

Apart from the move to electronic communication nothing in these changes is intended to change the status quo of the past few years.

For more detail on the proposed changes click here: Notes on Proposed Rule Changes.

For the full proposed rules click here to download. Rules of Preston Grasshoppers 2016

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